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Choosing Your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Options

To purchase a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, you must be first enrolled in Original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies, such as AARP, Mutual of Omaha, BCBS and other insurance companies licensed in each state to offer Medigap policies.

To be marketed as a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, policies must adhere to standard benefits determined by the federal government. Plans are named by letter, and include "Medigap Plan" through "Medigap Plan" Each plan type offers different coverage levels on the standard Medigap insurance plan benefits. The various benefits are listed as a matrix of Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

You should choose based on the desired level of benefits, relative to the cost of the insurance plan. To make the best assessment, you should have some idea of the medical expenses you expect to incur in the next years. For example, if you are not in need of Skilled Nursing, then a cheaper insurance plan for you may be one that does not provide full coverage of Skilled Nursing care.

A licensed agent should help you in your decision-making.

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